Desktop Repairs

Is your desktop faulty, damaged or just running painfully slow? No need to worry. We provide our services for any type of desktop, pre-built, custom-built or even all-in-ones! Whether it’s software or hardware related, our experienced technicians and specialised equipment will be ready to help.

We provide our services and upgrades for pretty much any type of desktop. Take a look below for a comprehensive list of some of the services we offer.

    no power  No power (dead)
  1. audio jack  Audio jack
  2. slow pc  Speed up slow systems
  3. liquid dmg  Liquid damage
  4. laptop upgrades  Upgrades
  1. loading issues  Loading & booting issues
  2. virus removal  Virus, spyware and malware protection and removal
  3. software support  Software support & installation
  4. data recovery  Data recovery
  5. data backup  Data backup

At Yorkshire PC Repair no desktop job is too big or small. You can count on us to look after your machine and give it the treatment it deserves. All-in-one PC’s, gaming desktops, business desktops or whatever your use is for your machine, we can cater to your needs.